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Help keep your pet’s nails in tip-top shape with Pet Zoom’s Nail Groom Nail File. This battery-operated nail file makes taking care of your pal’s nails a not-so-daunting task. The metal file spins 7000 times a minute to carefully trim and smooth nails without the pain—think of it as a professional grooming tool for your home. It’s designed with an adjustable two-way safety cover with a built-in nail guard that’s paw-fectly suitable for small and large pets alike and it catches filings for less mess! Pet Zoom’s nail file is safe enough for a kitten yet strong enough for a dog.

Key Benefits

Battery operated file spins 7000 times a minute to gently trim and remove thin layers of your pet’s nails.

  • Grooming with this nail file provides an easier way for you and a less painful way for your pet.
  • Expertly designed to help prevent breakage and damage while grooming nails.
  • Safe and gentle enough for a kitten, yet strong enough for a dog.
  • Designed to collect shavings for little to no mess.
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